Tax-Free Benefits

Since 1982, the Internal Revenue Service created an opportunity for you, the claimant, to secure a portion of your settlement in a tax-free structured settlement. The interest income on a Structured Settlement is not taxed by the IRS. Should you settle your claim with a lump sum and then invest the money yourself, you will pay taxes on the interest earned.

Flexibility To Meet Individual Needs

A structured settlement is designed to meet your needs. You may wish to provide for future education expenses, supplement a retirement fund, or simply provide for general financial security. Based on your input, the payment plan will be "tailor-made" to meet your objectives.

Maximum Security

Structured settlements offer an element of "spendthrift" protection. Since you have no direct or indirect ownership of the annuity, it is considered "bankruptcy proof". That means your payments will not stop regardless of your financial situation.

Peace of Mind

The guarantees of a structured settlement provide peace of mind to a family because they know the periodic payments will always be there to provide for the injured family member without having to understand the stock market or other investment vehicles.

Guaranteed Payments

Unlike a cash only settlement, a structured settlement will provide guaranteed benefits at specified payment dates to assure your financial security. You can receive monthly, quarterly or annual payments for life or for a specified period of time along with lump sums at designated intervals.  

Financial Stability

Unfortunately many lump sum settlements are spent soon after they are received.  A structured settlement can eliminate the stress associated with the financial responsibility of providing consistent income.

Structured Financial Associates, Inc.

Structured Financial Associates, Inc. (SFA) was founded in 1985 and is one of the largest structured settlement companies in the industry. SFA is a member of Integrated Financial Settlements (IFS) and has more than 70 Structured Settlement Consultants with offices in every major metropolitan area of the country.  Our highly credentialed professionals are from widely varying backgrounds and have an average of fifteen years experience in assisting the settling of claims using structured settlement annuities.  SFA associates draw on their shared histories and strengths when working with claimants in order to offer creative and effective structured settlement solutions that work today and throughout the claimant’s life.

Structured Financial Associates is committed to providing the right solution to resolve your claim with emphasis on a win-win situation for all involved.

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